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Rating: 16+


Lena is the best girlfriend you could have ever asked for. Or, that's what you would like to believe. 

As Halloween draws near, and everyone is busy finding the best costume for the upcoming party, you slowly notice a different side of your girlfriend. Will you try discovering her secret, or staying ignorant and hope for the best? Make your choices carefully, or else you'll have an unpleasant  surprise on this fateful Halloween night.


- Around 30 000 words with several choices.

- 6 endings

- 16 unique CGs - many with variations

- CG gallery, Ending Notes, and Achievement 

The Behind the Scene pack contains:

- All endings walkthrough

- A Lena live2d model (personal use only)

- Original sketches, game arts and some behind-the-scenes commentary


- Suggestive themes, stalking, drug use, gas-lighting, and other generally harmful behaviors. 

-Violence, blood, mild gore, and character death


- Sprites, CG, BG arts, script and coding by Saitoki 

-Editor Kusoneko 

-Music by Algerno musicRP-MUSIC, T.M.Bach, and  W.O.W sound 

-GUI modified from Spooky Raven GUI kit by Jaime Scribbles

- Free sound effect:Phone vibrate , new message,  and stab sound

- Phone messaging system by Nighten


10/11/2022: Full game released.

1/3/2022: This was originally a 2020 Spooktober Jam project that I had put on hold for a long time because this wasn't something I usually write. I decided to pick it up again for Yandere Jam. 

Most of the arts and outline were already done from 2020-2021, so all that was left was finishing writing the story and the last few drawings. I will try finishing this game fast then resume working on my other BL project. 


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com.saitoki.sdbhalloween-release.apk 123 MB
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Had a very fun time playing! I achieved all but the 5th ending.


I downloaded this a while ago, but I only just found the time to try it out, and I'm glad I did! This is a really fun VN; I had a good time trying to get all the endings! (In fact, I'm still missing ending 6 haha)

The sheer number of CGs present in a free VN is very impressive, and they're all high quality, too!

For a yandere, Lena sure is cute! I like her design a lot, even if I can't say the same thing about her personality, haha ;;

Still, Jin is the best character! Why doesn't he have his own ending?! ;a;

Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed the game! I tried hard to make it fun no matter  it being bad ends or good ends xD. 

The amount of CGs actually bloated because  scope  change; though they didn't  take nearly 1/10 the time  it took writing  the script, I'm slow ;_;

Lena wasn't  meant to be likeable. I tried explain her motivation a bit in her good ending, but if MC went through any bad endings before getting to her good end, I doubt he would find staying with her a good idea xD.

In the original  plan, Jin wasn't  supposed  to be that devoted, but I guess my BL brain just can't  help but write him like that. You could consider Ending 5 a Jin ending . I wanted it to end with Jin comforting MC that he did the right thing, but realized the state he was in at the end doesn't quite allow that haha. 


I love this game, it's amazing. Hope to play other games you produce


Damn took 1hr shit to finish finally all ending achieve


This is Great game some kind of murder so I got 5 endings but I don't know to unlock 1st ending

Glad you enjoyed the game. You can get 1st ending by making every choices that would please Lena, following all her whim.


It was well made hihi

Thank you :>


ive been playing for 6 hours now and I can't get the 5th ending, Is there a wiki for endings?

Don't  pick up the call and agree with Mary ( while avoid getting enough points for other endings)

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How do i get the 2nd ending?

You can get the ending by picking  all choices that make Lena angry at both Mary and Jin. It's  the hardest ending and might take a few tries.

Damn, Thanks friend


Love the game !! I just finished to end 2,3 and 6 but I don't know what choices to make to have the other endings... I'll try again ! :D  Thanks for creating the game btw. 

I'm glad you enjoyed it! You actually  got some of the hardest endings already, so I think it wouldn't  be difficult  for you to eventually  get the other endings :D


The demo is promising. Where can I find the full version of this game?


Thank you for being interested. The game is still being developed with all art and 85% of the script  done. I'm still actively  developing it in hope of getting the game out by November. 

Good to know, best of luck to you!


The full game is now released here!

That's great news! Thanks for the heads up!


Lena has the right amounts where it feels like we know her but at the same we really really don't. It's so cool how she managed to get MC whipped for her before we played the game, she'll be a hard adversity that's for sure. Good luck with the game!


Nice demo, I liked the art and the story so far! Looking forward to the full version :)


Thank you. The game will be finished in the coming month, hopefully it won't disappoint :)


Can't wait for the full release your games are awesome I'm kinda jealous.

Thank you! This game have more complex  choices  than everything I had done before,  I'm excited to finish writing  all the endings because  they  are sections with  most CGs. Hopefully  they won't  disappoint  :D

aight thanks.