This BL project was supposed to be a submission to the Spooktober 2021 VN Jam. However, due to delays outside of my control, I have decided to submit it to Devtober Jam!


A devastating event left the world in ruins. Zombies now roam the entire globe, turning the rest of the civilized world into a nightmare.  Damian struggles to survive throughout the night, until he is saved by Cain - his former  high school crush. Cain takes in his fellow survivor and promises to take him somewhere safe. What can Damian do to keep his secret from being uncovered? Are Cain's intentions as innocent as they seem?

The game is still a work in progress. The Demo contains:

- 2.5k words

-4 CG ( 3 fully rendered and 1 sketch)

Warning: flashing images, violence, blood and death (in the full version)

The team:

- Script, CG, BG, sprites by Saitoki

- Edited by Kusoneko

- Music by RP-Music

- Sound effects  from Sound Bible(detailed credit  in the About section)


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ApocalypeEncounter-1.0-mac.zip 56 MB
ApocalypeEncounter-1.0-pc.zip 90 MB

Development log


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Is it still being worked on?


Hi, this project is still being worked on, but it will take a while because  I'm trying to finish my unfinished  project one by one, and this one would be second in queue.

I can't wait for the full version, though it needs some grammatical polish. I love the art for the zombies and the memories and there's a fun story going on here as well. Good luck with completing the full game! 


Is it still a demo ? :3


Yeah this game is still a work  in progress. I will make an update when the whole game is done.


I enjoyed the demo~ Im fully anticipating for the full version >3< Gambatte!

Will jt have a good end?👀 Or should I prepare myself for suffering and zombification?

From my original  plan, there is totally going to be at least one good ending. I'm bad at making tragedy.  Thank you for being interested  :D


would def play more~


SHEEESH Looks good I'm glad you're working hard on this, I thought you stop working and uploading sorry :/

Hey, thank you for still following! I actually juggle several unfinished projects, those that posted on itch are the finished /to be finished ones. I do this in my free time so it might  take a while :)



looks nice, the art looks good too, Ill wait patiently for the full release

Thank you! :)


It's a shame you couldnt submit it into spooktober jam, but I look forward for the full story! (Soft BL always have spot in my mind...ehe)

Why do you think it's soft BL... Okay it's 90% going to be soft BL :P


It is not? XD well okay, I can stomach the remaining 10%...


This was a really nice demo! I like the premise and the characters so far, and the art is really pretty. Looking forward to more!

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it ^^


This looks really promising! I love the break from the more typical BL VN themes, and the art's great - I'll be keeping an eye on this!


Thank you! :D


Very interesting premise. You can tell that a lot of time and care went into the art; it looks amazing! Curious to see where the story will go :)

Thank you! I tried  a different drawing  approach and was pretty happy how it turn out. The game will probably take a while to finish  though.