This is (kind of) a Little Red Riding Hood version of Togainu No Chi. Fluff Hood (Akira) was sent to deliver cookies to the Toshima forest, met lots of weirdo and discovered something surprising.

Engine: Ren’Py
Rating: PG-13 (It’s based on a 18+ BL game but the content of the game is mostly just good fun and safe for work ^_^)

Genre: Comedy, BL themed

WARNING: THE GAME IS FULL OF SPOILERS. If you didn’t know Togainu no Chi and is planning to play it, do NOT play this game. It will spoil the game for you.

(If you are not planning to play TnC then feel free to play this game. You can understand it even without knowing about TnC)
Some sensitive contents:

-drug use

-implied violence

-perverted humor (maybe)

- 4 Endings
- 6 event CGs. A bonus CG will be unlocked in the CG gallery after getting all endings.

SFX: ,
Special thanks to Accordia for the editing help.

This is a reupload of old game I made from 2014 posted on Tumblr.

The game is short (7300 words) with pretty simple choices. As my first game, it’s something I put together in three weeks, so please pardon the art quality and default GUI 

Update: The game can now be played on the browser.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android, HTML5
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
TagsBoys' Love, Comedy, Fangame, Gay, Multiple Endings, Yaoi


Download 43 MB
Fluffhood's Adventure 1.1.apk 63 MB

Development log


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this was so cute! Loved that True ending ^_^

Thank you!


this was cute xD
never thought I would find a TnC-fangame here ^^

my first ending was big bad wolf, which is funny, cuz shiki was always my favorite ship in the game :D (btw nice reference to the white shirt-ending, always was my favorite out of his 3 endings <3) 


My first ending was the true ending!

My second was a bad end from a yandere trap.

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next was a bad end kidnapped by wolf

(1 edit) (-1)

I got the good end

I've beaten the game

Aww this is so cute ❤ I liked all of the endings too , the bonus CG is so beautiful I wish you will make a game with this kind of art , I liked the cute one too 😂❤

(1 edit)

Thank you! I'm glad you liked this little game, and I had a lot of fun drawing that bonus CG too. Actually I'm making a small BL game with non-chibi style, currently just a WIP  though, if you don't mind checking it out :)

This was adorable!! So nice to see a TnC fangame :)) and you've nailed the chibi artstyle perfectly, their little swirly eyes are so so sweet. Thanks!! <3

Thanks you! I'm glad fellow TnC fan enjoyed  this game :)