Offline meeting in a dark alley at 10 pm. Nothing can possibly  go wrong.

11-Oct-22: Reuploaded the game with a save point and fixed typos

The game can also be played  here  on Spinoff website. 


Collin found a lost smartphone and developed an online friendship with its owner's son, the peculiar boy named Rai. They decided to have an offline meeting in a dark alley at 10 PM. Surely, nothing can go wrong.

This short story has around 3.2k words and 4 potential endings.

This game was created in a week using the Spinoff app  for the Interactive Story Jam #2 .

Content Warning:

 - Violence and character death.


- Story and art: Saitoki

- BGM Music: "Gamble" - Selected from the Spinoff app

Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(7 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel, Interactive Fiction
TagsAnime, Cute, Horror, Multiple Endings, Mystery, Short, Singleplayer, spinoff

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This feels like Ending 1 would end up being one of those slice-of-life animes

 And I'm all here for it! I loved both endings and characters so much! Great work!!💕💕


Glad you liked it! You might want to check out my other game "Is it Haunted?", you might see some familiar  faces from this game there :D


Really enjoyed playing the game! It was short and simple with various ways to get the endings, I had a feeling I knew what the twist was but thankfully it didn't draw out too long and it was a lot of fun to play through!

Thank you! The plot admittedly  wasn't much considering the short length, but I tried delivering the story as effective  as possible. Glad you enjoyed it :)


Ending 1 - That's so sweet and wholesome!

Ending 2 - Well, that escalated quickly...

Without  ending 2, it won't  feel completed xD


Loved the game! Rai is a sweetheart.

Thank you!


This was fun! For being so short and simple, it was a very well-delivered story, the twist was really well executed, and there's a good amount of lore covering everything it needs to in a very short space. Great work!


Thank you!I really enjoyed building  this story, so I'm  glad you found it a fun experience!:D

(2 edits) (+3)

How cute. I enjoyed it xD while interacting with Rai and then those sus dialogue that makes me think he is one of those. Turns out I'm right xD I got the ending 4 first before the 1 and then 2 before the last 3... Dang the ending 2🤣 


Thank you!