Thank you for 500 itch followers!

Hello, this is Saitoki

Not sure if this is an appropriate  place to post this, as this is a  update for my whole page, not just Heavenly  Mist. 

It had been a while since I last posted here, and I'm so happy that so many peoples are still following my page. Progress had been slow lately, but I'm still working on all my unfinished  projects. One particular  was very close to completion  but I'm  struggling  with writing  the wording for the ending.

 I also started another demo for Yaoi Jam ( I know, I really shouldn't,  but I really like this new idea), but after that I will go back to finish prior projects that had more progresses done.

I'm  just posting this to notify  that I'm  still alive and working on my projects, and thank you everyone  still following me!

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OMG!! I extremely happy that the full game finally release. Thank you for your hard work! i'm really appreciate it. <3

Thank you. It was  already finished a while back, I'm  happy you are still interested  :)


All that work finally paid off, I'm still jealous.


Aw, cute art! And congrats! :D


Thank you :)